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A guide to buying Vape

Have you seen someone vape and you are interested in trying this new rising trend or you are aware of its use and want to own one? If you are an addicted smoker, a vape is what you need to stop cigarette smoking. I mean that you should shift from cigarettes to a vape. Continue reading to learn how vape smoking can help you stop smoking and learn everything you should know about a vape before buying one.

What is a Vape?

A vaporizer is an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette in which a battery supplies energy to vaporize liquid containing nicotine, flavors, and some chemicals. The vaporized smoke is inhaled by the smoker to create a sensation of smoking.

How to quit smoking with the help of a Vape?

If you are a regular smoker who wants to quit smoking, you know it’s easier said than done. You think of every cigarette as the last one and that’s since the first day. But why is it so difficult?

As you must be aware that cigarettes contain a large number of carcinogens which are cancer-causing agents in the body and a substantial amount of these chemicals can be deadly. Although cigarettes dilute the number of carcinogens regular smokers are prone to develop cancer in their body.

A highly effective method to quit smoking is to shift to a Vape. You are not addicted to the Tar or other 7000 chemicals in a cigarette but it’s the nicotine in cigarette smoke that is addictive. And vape helps to reduce your desire of smoking a cigarette by providing the necessary amount of nicotine.

Vape or Cigarette?

A vape is way better than a cigarette as it contains a very less amount of harmful chemicals compared to a cigarette. Vape still has some dangerous chemicals but they are nothing when compared to cigarettes.

Vape works by fulfilling the desire for nicotine in your body and has a variety of juice flavors. The variety of flavors also help you to reduce cigarette smoking as the taste of cigarette smoke is disliked by the smoker as they shift to a Vape for even a short period.

Components of Vape

These are important components of a vape and together they decide the quality of smoke which will be produced. Here are the facts you should know about them to make a good purchase.


A tank is the part of the vape which stores the flavored juice. A tank is mostly filled from the top as it is convenient and you don’t need to remove the batteries to refill. Try to get a vape with a medium tank size and large battery capacity. You can carry flavor but not extra batteries.


An atomizer is the most important part of the vape as it is the one that does the vaporization. It is a coil wrapped around a piece of cotton. Coils with lower resistance require higher wattage from the battery and create dense vapors.

It is a disposable unit and you may need to change it after a couple of weeks.


Higher battery capacity is better than tank capacity. You can carry extra flavor but not batteries. So it is better that you chose a vape with a higher battery capacity.

Nicotine Strength

Nicotine strength is the most important factor you must know about vape juice. There are juices with nicotine ranging from 0-18 mg per mL of the liquid. Vape juice is also available with 36mg of nicotine which is very high and is not commonly sold. You should use Vape juice which contains nicotine that is currently suitable for you. If you are already an addicted smoker, you should work your way down from 18mg or 12mg to lowering to 6mg, 3mg, and eventually zero. This will eliminate your addiction to nicotine. Legality of selling nicotine should be checked based on the country that you are in, do note that.

Price range and where to buy a vape?

Now that you are aware of the important information about the working and components of vaporizers, you can buy one from a local trusted seller. But vape is not easily available at every location and prices range at different locations. You can find a Vape as cheap as $20 but a good, stylish and highly adjustable vape will be found at a price higher than $200. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you are buying your first vape, go for a cheap one first and get to know the usage.

If you are willing to go for stylish, temperature adjustable, and top-quality vapes, you must buy them from a trusted and viable source. You can research and buy from a known brand or you can just take my suggestion and buy from Al-Fakher Tobacco, as they have international recognition.


Now that you have all the information required to know about a vape and its uses, you can buy a vape of your choice easily. Make sure that your first vape does not need to have it all and try to get familiar with the usage or you can buy from a trusted source so you know you will get a good quality product.

I hope this content would’ve been helpful for you.

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