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Miron Glass Wideneck Jars


Miron Glass Wideneck Jars

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Cream Whipper 250ml



*This Cream Whipper has a 500ml capacity and will keep make upto 1.5ml of fresh whipped creamin an instant time. Made from aluminium the creamer has three nozzles that provide variation when decorating.
*Instant cream whipper, whip cream, make your own mousse and ice cream soft serve in seconds. Be your own master chef Filled with cream and fitted with an N2O gas charger , this restaurant-style canister instantly dispenses clouds of whipped cream for topping desserts and drinks with the push of a button. Whip airy light whipped cream in seconds. Add sweeteners and flavourings as you please. Whip out Mousse in a jiffy. Infuse drinks and lots more. There are hundreds of desserts one can make with this gourmet gadget.
*Other Features : Feature:- Foamed desserts, appetizers, sweet and sour mousses, sauces, creamy soup suitable for making It is also cake, cappuccino, sundaes, ice cream, fruit and so on can be used to make.


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